Arrow Electronics, Inc.

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Project summary

At the beginning of December 2014, Fortune 500 company Arrow Electronics partnered with The BIO Agency to transform their business, from taking telephone orders, to become an online leader for electronic parts in the digital marketplace.

Applying an Agile workflow, two teams made up of 5-6 UX/designers and 10-12 developers, worked in sprints to produce's phase 1 site. Due to limitations with the existing APIs much of the functionality was stripped back for the MVP release, however since then many improvements have been made and will begin to filter into forthcoming releases.

Since the beginning of 2016, I have been the only full-time designer from BIO working on Arrow and have had the opportunity to work closely with their design team in Denver.

Creating the brand

Due to the nature and speed of the project, the Arrow digital brand quickly evolved during its initial stages. I was the style guide owner and was responsible for producing the new principles for online styling. More on the style guide can be found here.

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