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Project summary

Turkish ticketing company Mobilet asked R/GA to produce a digital brand with an app that would bring people innovative features that were also of cultural importance. 

Turkish people love to share, so we developed a system based around creating a community. Using the Mobilet app, you can buy, swap and gift tickets or find out who’s going/where your friends are at any particular event, should they choose to share. Areas I worked on specifically infused user, creator, influencer and venue profiles, visual iconography, settings and onboarding screens and various illustrations.

Innovative navigation

Only in your personalised feed do you get this navigation format, the essentials condensed into this single central button. At the bottom of this page you can see a more in depth video showing how this functions.

Profile variations

Mobilet looks to connect people and share activity, primarily using Facebook to do so. Different profile formats involve variations such as you, friends, creators (such as artists), influencers (who generate followers), and venues. This was one of the main areas I worked on ironing out the different needs for each.

Video: Motion Principles