The new editorial voice of Arrow wanted to be clear and concise. To unify the section we wanted a page format that would work closely between the three Research & Events sections working as a template for one another with minor tweaks to suit their purpose.

Event Desktop

Register for an event

Registering for events needed some clear CTAs. From this page it is also possible to save the event as a whole to a project, via the icon above the image.

Separating the event page from the article & video page, I designed a clean timeline to create some interest in the event and the speakers present.

Event Tablet & Mobile

A clear read

Repositioning the sidebar for tablet and mobile views helped to keep these pages clean and the register CTAs clear. For mobile, the timeline switches to a simple vertical view.

Video features

The video player is a custom player with tidy, orange buttons that declare it part of the Research & Events section. Related products can be embedded within the text without disrupting the content too significantly.

Article Page

Article features

Both the article and video pages feature a small module detailing the author, their company and a short blurb. Additional features may be placed through the article, for instance images, hero quotations and related items.