Various Digital Works

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Various Digital Collection

As a designer in part of a wider team,  ‘ownership' over a project can be difficult to call. This is a collection of works which showcase areas I had direct impact on.

These were quick jobs and proactive work – not large enough to show as full projects but work I enjoyed doing and still show my digital expertise.

Arrow: Concept Homepage

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Re-imagining the homepage

Nearing the end of my work on, we had received feedback from the analytics team regarding where users were looking and how they were interacting with the site's the search feature. Most people would click on the search bar without doing anything else. My large full-screen design aimed to tackle this, while surfacing the other key Arrow areas. The other design looked at increasing the potential of the slider, offering users a little more visibility, based on the research that users rarely wait / click through dot sliders, which also concerned the client.

Skrill: Payment Journey

Multiple payment journeys

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers is a competitor to companies like Paypal and is known primarily for its market in the gambling sector. Working in-house with a business analyst, I helped work through the designs for all the routes associated with the payment portal shown above. I was also able to help iron out a couple of UX issues and provide the company with all required assets.

Haven Holidays: Pitch

Colour on the coast

During an hour, I was able to create this map for a Haven holidays pitch, which livened up the page and helped push our concept. Unfortunately the pitch took an unexpected turn and we pulled out, but I still got to make this nice map.