Arrow wanted to produce two site launch videos, one internal and one external. I was to produce the storyboard and visual style for the external, aiming to create a feeling of space and epic, cinematic typography. I achieved this by setting up two worlds, one white and one dark, focusing on Arrows key brand colours and using atmospheric dust and circuitry lines at different Z-planes to connect the journey. 

Visual Styling

Setting the scene, I began with a bright scene, with pushed back diffused shadows and light streams to lift the type.

Transition to dark

Here I wanted to increase the drama and create the feeling that we are going to get deeper into the details of the site’s new features, falling through the eye of the search icon.

Once in the dark world the circuitry could really glow with energy and carry the story between points.

Slowly rotating and panning in, the circuitry pulses towards the centre to highlight this final hero line.