As I’m currently one of only a few designers working on Arrow, I’ve been able to have more ownership over the work for this client, and have been able to iron out a lot of the issues in Phase I. The first of these improvements addressed the header, decreasing its vertical height and repositioning and resizing elements based on user-testing and engineer feedback.

1. Decreased the logo to give it its intended clear space
2. Corrected the hierarchy between the search & categories
3. Increased the focus on accessibility via login

1. Header too large for tablet and was pushing content too low 
2. Tests showed certain features were often unused in mobile devices

1. Condensed much of our information into a simple burger nav
2. Kept a quick access to login pages and cart visible at all times

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  • gallery-image

1. Mobile navigation wasn't intuitive, with its side-scrolling feature
2. Cluttered visual made for an awkward hierarchy

1. Condensed information into a simple burger nav, this time maintaining only the cart to save space

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  • gallery-image