For Arrow to expand their business, they wanted to become the go-to place for engineers. We understood they would need to become the voice of the newest technology and highlight the best tech events. The Research & Events section displays articles, videos, events and hosts webinars, all able to direct customers back to Arrow products.

Modular structure

Due to the scale of the site and it’s various sections, we wanted to create a modular structure that would not only show the various types of content but would also work with other module types such as product modules.

Dealing with content

To accommodate the various types of module, clear dividers break up content types, allowing users to navigate to exactly what they need. Users can save relevant articles to projects they are currently working on in the Design Center.

Tablet & Mobile

Modular for mobile

For mobile screen sizes the modular format had to be tweaked to accommodate smaller horizontal dimensions. The three desktop module sizes become one uniform module, and  tags have been resized for touch standards.