D&AD: Airbnb Brief

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“Explore how Airbnb can creatively empower their existing community to grow the idea of ‘belonging’ out to a new audience; translate this into a campaign. 

This is an open brief so you choose the platform. Consider multiple touch points: advertising in all its forms, social media, apps, PR, product, experience, and anything else that makes sense to you. Just make sure it’s something that works both digitally and in the real world, on and offline.”

What we believed was lacking in the experience of belonging was a place to share experiences.
So we developed Campfire.

Designing with the original Airbnb logo in mind we still wanted to give it an identity of its own, strengthening the connection with the message of coming together whilst retaining the parent brand.

Video submission

Project highlights

Event concept

Though the Campfire's primary touchpoint is digital, we developed the idea of a free Campfire event to physically bring people together and bring the community into the real world. 

Airbnb-coloured Campfire-logo lights, recycled sofas and furniture  would give a homely feel, encouraging people to relax, socialise and meet one another. Throughout the event, outdoor cinema screens displaying Airbnb-curated content as well as food and drinks tents on-site to keep energies high throughout the event.